Placement Preparation

Do you wish to solve intense coding challenges that get you placed in big companies like TCS, Infosys, Google, IBM, Facebook etc.? These companies test you on complex problems based on data structures and mathematical algorithms. Not only do they expect you to solve the problem but also have the best time and space complexity.
To be a good programmer, sharp logic and reasoning is paramount. Solving many problems and correct guidance can get you to become a good programmer. Therefore, We recommend students to start developing their coding skills right from the first year as it is not something that can be learnt overnight.
To help you prepare for job, Unisoft Technologies is offering unique cutting-edge program thoroughly based on practical coding experiences. Join our  program and solve hundreds of coding problems that you will face in technical round of many companies.


Master a Language

In this module you will be learning a language like Java or Python. You will be learning all the required skills necessary for problem solving.

Problem Solving

Here you will be solving 300+ problems that are taken from the technical round of many good companies.

Test & Interview

We will be conducting Test and Interviews on a regular basis to assess your progress.