Java Web Developer (Java EE)

Introduction to Web Development

  • Networking Fundamentals

  • Role of TCP/IP and HTTP

  • Understanding difference between website, web application and web services

  • Anatomy of a web application

Web Programming Fundamentals

  • Configuring the Java Web Development Environment

  • HTTP Request and Response

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Java Script

  • Build a static web-site

Java Server Page (JSP)

  • Build an HTML Form

  • Understanding GET and POST

  • Submit HTML form to JSP

  • JSP Scripting Elements

Servlet API

  • HttpServlet

  • Life Cycle of a Servlet

  • Understanding web.xml

  • Configuring Servlet in web.xml

  • Generating dynamic content using Servlet

  • ServletConfig and ServletContext

File Handling

  • Uploading Files to Web Server

  • Downloading files from Web Server

Database Programming

  • Installing MySql

  • Creating Database and Tables

  • Basic CRUD Application using Servlets

  • Basic CRUD Application using JSP

  • Controlling User Input - Validations and Regex

State Management

  • Cookies

  • Sessions

  • Redirecting and Forwarding


  • Web Application Security Fundamentals

  • Creating Member/Admin Login

  • Registration

  • Sending email to members

jQuery & AJAX

  • AJAX Fundamentals

  • using jQuery

  • Autocomplete

  • XML and JSON


  1. What is MVC

  2. Implementing MVC using Servlets, JSP and JavaBeans

  3. Expression Language (EL)

  4. JSTL

  5. Custom Tags


  • Introduction to Hibernates

  • Introduction to SPRING

Mini Project

  • Build a project using Servlets, JSP and JDBC